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Thursday, August 27, 2009


this song...whew....yes....its what i feel...its what i believe my Master teaches all His slaves....before lennon even wrote it : )

"Love is real , real is loveLove is feeling , feeling loveLove is wanting to be lovedLove is touch, touch is loveLove is reaching, reaching loveLove is asking to be lovedLove is youYou and meLove is knowingwe can beLove is free, free is loveLove is living, living loveLove is needed to be loved"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i just found out...

ok, maybe not JUST found out..more so along the lines of, i'm done lying to myself.....

~i really know NOTHING as to what it means to serve, surrender, give, obey~

maybe i'm not a slave after all? if it were a profession, i'd be fucked! screwed, glued, and double tattoo'd....

then again i'm kinda the same way with life in general...

but i KNOW how to fucking survive...my way.

see, not so slave like after all huh.