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Sunday, July 5, 2009

i've not been to sleep....though i've laid in bed all night long....

my poor titties hurt from begging Master to let me sleep with my clips on all night the night before...i miss Him so terribly. i miss His hands taking my body.

i've been doing some writing...working through stuff... i wanna do all i can to keep myself on this track i have my hearts eyes set on....i dont wanna go back....

the more work i do, the more this veil seems to be lifting, and the blindness of something so beautiful and pure comes forth....servitude. the needing, longing, desiring to serve, give, and just completely surrender...not just to Masters hands, but completely conforming to His will, His purpose, His wants and needs and desires....

the count down starts today...10 more days until i get to see Him.....face to fucking face....i fear i'm going to tremble right in front of Him....i fear it in a good way.

yeah....i'm dreamy right now