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Friday, July 24, 2009

a poem

i wrote this poem for my Master awhile ago....

it was so great to see Him.....not so great to leave and be so far away from Him. it was so great to see faith, connect deeper with her, and share the time we did. i'm missing her so bad. there are some things, that a poly relationship is so healthy for....she adds to that.

sigh.... i will write more later...i just wanted to share my poem...

as i openly start to face my day,
i feel the tug of Your care, guiding my way.
each step i take, i want it to count,
each breath i take, i want my heart to surmount.
the pull of Your force, of all that is bright,
and my heart molded to life, this is my sight.
You have Your wants and all Your dreams,
i want them all, without my anger's extremes.
my heart opens up, and i know i could fall,
deep into the darkness, and fear of it all.
but thats so much harder, than being real.
i am home when my cunt, responds to how i feel.
You are my mountains and You are my sun,
and more than anything, i want us to be molded into one.
Unison and peace, harmony and love,
i know i capable, of all the above.
i may walk this day, with empty hands,
but Your will surrounds me, like the ocean's sands.
i know You, i want You, and all You represent,
i want to stand not for the past, but what is present.
i want to be Your slave, Your anger and cow,
i need You to teach me Master, please show me how.
a cree i'll make, for each day i awake,
"how can i please Him, all for His sake?"
because when i follow You,i know my heart is true.
and when i vulnerably face the day,i am facing towards You.