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Thursday, July 30, 2009

slappy tittie comes

so late/early in the morning....i think i passed the final kidney stone.....it was theeeeeeeeeeee worse thing EVER!!! i'd rather beg to wear sand papered bras for the REST of my life, if i was promised to never ever again feel the pain of a kidney stone.....

last night when i saw Master, i ached for Him. still reeling from my awful belly pain...i wanted to feel closer to Him. being so far away right now, any infliction He puts on me, makes me feel closer to Him, even if that means i'm doing it myself....the mere fact that i'm asking/begging to let pain be inflicted on me is a huge feat, since i'm usually one to do it all anyways.

Master allowed me to slap my titties until i comed. i comed REALLLLY hard. i didnt care if anyone could hear slap noises coming from my room, or the whimpering. i was scared to touch my clit as far as rubbing goes, because of the stones i passed early in the morning, but after i comed hard from slapping my tits, i needed to come from my clit.

its intimate for me, when i do something that my Master may not even know i really did. it holds me closer to Him....and i think He would know whether or not i do as He says, by my presence. its easy for me to get away from things because i'm so far away from Him in distance right now. but, i could be in the same room with Him, and feel even further away than what distance could do. i run away alot, i hide, i resist.....and i ache to have that shit taken away. but it all comes from my own will.

i'm tired of running, i'm tired of getting away with shit. or so i think i'm getting away with something. His worse punishment ever.................is letting a girl get away with it....


thank You Daddy for the slappy tittie comes last night. and for the hard, low, breaking clitty come.

i love You.