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Monday, April 27, 2009

i'm certainly a massochist to a degree....

but the pain in my mouth is beyond farenheits! FUCK.

i've been missing Master. He's a high, in demand Guy, and a music Genius with big schedules.

i need to keep my fucking eyes open, from the past as i've always done things with Him, and see about trying things differently.

i.e. staying closer to Him, rather than running as far away as i can, just to prove some stupid fucking point that wont add up to one iota. i need to address things, like an adult, and stay present, like an adult!

psssssst...i am sooo done with this semester!

i wonder if there is like, such a thing as end of semester whippings???? mmmmmmm

a girl can dream.

i could also beg too.

i love Him so much. i really do.