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Friday, April 24, 2009

tongue'd are us...

while its still fresh,

while my tongue is still numb. while my tits still ache.

i got to see Master tonight online. i missed Him. and was so happy i came home and got to see Him. i've been aching. aching for His hand. aching to endure and hurt for Him.

after resistance, i fucking caved. i had to. the only other alternative was ignoring my clit, the obvious, to which i should know better by now....i need to start associating ignoring clit to icy hot! nooooooooo more of that pleeeeease!

He told me of a girl in the collarme chatroom that was cute in her little gagball. and indeed, it was cute. it made me envious. i want a gag ball. i miss Master using it on me. the feel of my jaw being stretched. kept wide open, yet my plea's and moans muffled. a big pile of drooling mess all around me....just like tonight : )

when i begged for His hand, He said something to the effect of "its a good thing i dont make you clip my tits and run the other chain through, to my tongue.

*sigh in a dreamy way* i had to. i had to beg for that. i might have figured to do something that on my own eventually. but..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i wanted it. i wanted it like a hungry baby wants momma's titty for milk.

i thought if i used the regular clamps on my tits, it would be less painful there, but more painful for the clovers on my tongue. i'd tried thinking the whole process through, but all i wanted more than anything was to fucking touch my cunt and come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i made a big heaping pool of drool all over my sheets. it was soooooo hard for me to move my head too much. i'm a loud moaner, and i like to move my head and close my eyes. but everytime i moved by head, my clamped tongue pulled on my tits which also pulled on my tongue. it was sweet agony. i was laying on my tits alot, balancing myself on them and my knees while one hand did the typing, and the other was on my clit, soaking wet, hot, humiliated.

He's going to teach me. He's not going to let me go, unless i fucking run off, like i do alot. i need to stop putting that on myself too, and just let Him rub it in my face in the ways He wants to.

having the clips on my tongue....ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i found myself whimpering like a fucking puppy through the pulsations of pain on my tongue. having the clips is enough to never ever EVER want to even imagine getting my tongue pierced. Master is not into piercings, and i've been quite the rebellious one about tattoo's and piercings.
having mmy tongue clipped, made me want to keep my truths coming out. not suppressed. not hidden. it was honestly like, for once, i didnt feel shame for the things i said. they were true. and i felt so connected to Him. on such a level. it was like something i felt with Him, the times i was with Him in person. its so emotional. so deep. so sacred.

i AM a Daddys girl. i always have been! not literally, but inside. my heart. my little girl. she's wanted to cling. attatch herself to her Daddy and just watch Him. listen to Him. pay close attention. learn from Him. hump Him. suck Him. be made a woman by my Daddy.

whats soooo wrong about that??? ughhhhhhhhhhhh!

man my tongue hurts.

man am i falling harder for Him.

man...i'm fucked.